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Do self publishers need to be great marketers? - ADP Direct Ltd

Do self publishers need to be great marketers?

Do self publishers need to be great marketers?

In this age of digital marketing its important for self publishers to have some sort of knowledge on marketing your books, drugstore magazines, ebooks or whatever it is you are publishing especially if you are promoting your published works and are wanting to sell whatever it is you you have had published.

Our expert team really do think it does help to learn about marketing if you are a self publisher. If you haven’t got a great budget then learning all about marketing and website traffic generation if you have a website is a must. It can help you grow your book or magazine or whatever it is you are publishing and get your name out there to many more people and companies than if you do not know how to market and you are going it alone.

We do advise if you do have a budget then call in a professional to help you along the way as this can save you a lot of time and investmest to help you get you started.  If you do not have a budget then you really do need to learn your marketing skills and if you do not have a time restriction on promoting and selling your publication then you have a lot more time to learn different marketing tecniques.

At Art Design Publishing we like to give out as much advice and information as possible to all our clients.  Some of our clients may just want a magazine printed and some want it promoting  by our fantastic team of specialists.  Some clients like to use some of our marketing services and others use them all depending on budget.  A lot of self publishers do not have a large budget but we do cater for all self publishers whatever your budget and have good plans set in place to help you on your way with your project.

If you NEED A HAND WITH YOUR MARKETING please let us know and we will have one of our experts go through with you all the various stages and different marketing methods along with website traffic generation methods if you have a website to start generating traffic to your website if you have a site built.  If you do not have a website up and running and want help building a website then we have packages to suit all budgets or if you want help with redesigning your existing site to boost conversion rates again please let us know.

I will be posting shortly on website traffic generation so please bookmark us or LET US KNOW if you want some free advice sending to your inbox.  We are more than happy to help in whichever way possible to help you get started.  EMAIL  US with whatever it is you need a hand with or  if you just want some advice please just ask.  Hopefully we can become partners :]


Have a look also at this fantastic guide on  How to prepare your custom design magazine if you are unsure on where to start with your self publishing especially if its a magazine you are preparing.  Leave a comment in the comments section and all good feedback is much appreciated!


Thanks once again for taking your time to read this and look forward to any comments and engaging with some likeminded people.


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