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The Ultimate Top 7 Web Design Tips from ADP Direct Ltd - ADP Direct Ltd

The Ultimate Top 7 Web Design Tips from ADP Direct Ltd

The Ultimate Top 7 Web Design Tips from ADP Direct Ltd

ADP Direct Ltd are giving it to you straight on your Top 7 tips for your web design.


1.  Have a clear brand message.


Your website is what the world sees and your image is what the world thinks about you.  Therefore having a great website means you are the one who is controlling what the world sees of you and thinks of you!  Your logo or message should be positioned in the top left hand corner of your site where the human eyes will be naturally drawn to.  Placing your logo on each page should also be linked to your homepage.


2.  Navigation around your site should be clear and concise.


Good web designers can normally ensure that your pages are designed in a way for your users to be able to navigate clearly around your site.  Your users navigation routes should be easy to use using good positioning of links and buttons with no clutter about to take the focus away from what it is you want your user to do.  Great Call To Action techniques should be used making your user follow the routes you want them to take.


3.  Maintain consistency.


Maintaining consistency within your site is a must.  Changing drastic styles to your pages can make your users disengaged and they can become lost and will even come off your site and start searching elsewhere which is what you do not want to happen.  Keep a professional image by making sure everything matches with your designs on each page using same typefaces, cialis colours images, etc.


4.  Simplicity is key.


Keeping your website simple and easy to navigate around is a must.  Information and advice or even being able to use your service or buy your product should all be available at the touch of a button.  Users today wont hang around.  Again, they will just go elsewhere as soon as they find it difficult to move around.


5.  Make your website easy to understand.


Your website visitors wont generally want to hang around spending to much time on one page so making sure each page is easy to understand is a must.  Your navigation routes as well as your content/copy should all be easily readable /or functionable.  Shorter sentences larger fonts and good use of white spaces will all help with your visitors understanding and using your website.


6.  Your target audience needs to be kept in mind.


When writing the content/copy for your website its an essential part of designing and creating your site that you keep your target audience in mind.  You do not need to bombard or overload your visitors with tons of information in one go.  Using images or even infographics can be a good way to get your message across without having to  have too many words and possibly making your page looking cluttered! Smaller messages will do to get your message across.  For SEO purposes make sure you incorporate your targeted keywords to help bring your site up more in the search engines.  We will talk about SEO  in  a later post.


7.  Usability.


The  standards today of the usability of websites are very high.  Your customers need to have a lasting impression of your site.  The design and usability needs to go beyond just designing a plain website.  Your visitors need to have a good user experience when going around your site.  Before launching your website try some usability tests on people who do not know what your business is about and find out what is working and what isn’t. Do not just launch your site without doing these tests first because you could be losing a lot of revenue if you launch your site before doing some tests and finding out your visitors are leaving your site pretty quickly.  You could have already lost thousands on lost revenue if the usability of your site isn’t what you presumed it was.


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