How about creating a microsite by ADP Direct Ltd

How about creating a microsite by ADP Direct Ltd

ADP Direct Ltd asks Have you thought about having a microsite created?



ADP Direct Ltd have had a fantastic start to the new year with many new clients coming on board for many of the services that we are now providing.  ADP Direct Ltd are still producing custom design magazines and this will still stay as one of the core parts of our business but as a company moving forward we are already seeing growth in all areas for the services we are now providing.  Building partnerships is so important to the future success of our business.  Our new micro site especially set up for logo design has also brought in some business creating new partnerships with many new business’s and have secured business with many projects and business’s not for just logo design but they have also come on board for the other services we provide which is absolutely fantastic.


Creating a microsite can be a fun way of promoting a particular service that your company may offer.  You can have a lot of fun doing so which you may not be able to with your main site.  During various festivities throughout the year can be a great bonus for your new site as this is where you can really promote your service or product really well. e.g.. Christmas.  You do not need to build a huge site like your main site.  Just have a ooh at some of the services or products you are offering and build your microsite around that.  If you are offering a large amount of services or products then its good to have your new site promoting a couple of these services or products.  Remember this is not your main site so please do not over do it if you are creating the site yourself.  If you do offer a huge amount of services or products then you can have fun creating more micro sites!!  Linking also to your main website is also a good idea especially if you are a large business or have a big corporate website.   If you are a company and want some advice on microsite creation or want to look at some of the other services that ADP Direct Ltd provide as well as having a quick read of  Who We are so you can get to know us a bit before you might get in touch then please take a browse around our site OR JUST CLICK HERE TO  CREATE MY MICROSITE and let us know your line of business along with your contact details.


ADP Direct Ltd


ADP Direct Ltd would also like to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2016.  Please feel free to comment on any of our posts as we do love feedback.  Feel free to point others also in the right direction for any free advice or information on any of the services we provide.










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    Ordinary microsites are a collection of static pages that are interlinked. This is fine for some use cases, but often times, text and photos aren’t enough to bring your content to life. That’s why many marketers have started to create interactive microsites instead. These rich experiences have videos, GIFs, layers of content, and animations that dynamically tell a story.

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    Absolutely well said and great comment. Thanks for taking your time out to post :]

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