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Who are ADP Direct Ltd

ADP Direct Ltd So you want to know Who we are? Read on…

ADP Direct Ltd So you want to know Who we are? Read on…

ADP Direct Ltd Who are we you may ask?

Hello everyone.  Hope you all like the new website.  For those of you who are coming to us for the first time here is a little introduction.

ADP Direct Ltd are a dynamic team of individuals who as one, doctor bring out the ultimate in design and content creation in each other as ideas are flown back and too across the coffee aroma’d rooms.  Our handpicked team aren’t just with us because they are good at what they do..there has to be more than that..they have to be crazeeeeee…ha…jokes aside, treat they have to be able to click with the circle and be part of the team that strives us forward as a business but also helps the business’s we work for strive forward too.

Although our team have various skills in particular parts of the business, collectively we have the knowledge to take your project or business right from the word go and take you on journeys you never new existed in business online and offline.

We are taking our publishing company into a whole new world and are not just publishing anymore!  We have entered into the big wide world of digital marketing, both online and offline, content creation, content promotion, SEO, social media marketing, email campaigns, leaflets, logo’s, advertising, advert creation, web design, business consulting, website traffic generation, blogging and whole bunch of other stuff.

Its exciting times ahead for ADP Direct Ltd  but also for our many clients as they are already seeing growth with the work we have been putting in together.  We like to call it partnership design :]  Quite simple really..You come on board with us and we become sort of partners :]  Sounds good ay!   Well just ask many of the thousands of people who have worked with us over the last 6 years.

ADP Direct Ltd

ADP Direct Ltd have been publishing custom design magazines for many years ranging from crime prevention magazines to brochures to leaflets – you think of it – we’ve done it!

We saw a little gap in the market for not just publishing your products and helping out with your front cover designs and layouts and your printing and stuff but we thought we can actually go one step better and start to help you in promoting and branding your projects and business’s which also saves you time in dealing with a publishing company and a marketing company separately.  This way we are all on the same level and know which direction we need to take with your business or project moving forward.

A lot of self publishers and authors create some fantastic pieces of writing and articles but don’t know how to take their creations to market so this is another reason why we have decided to go the way we are going now with our business moving forward.  Have a read of our article How to prepare your custom design magazine to give you a little insight into some of the articles we will be producing for you.  This is just one piece of information we will be giving out each week.  Please feel free to share our content about and do not hesitate to just ask us anything you wish.  Nothing is a problem for our team!  That is what we are here for!

We are very excited at the future of our business and we will take this forward into working with our new and existing clients and hope that our energy and vibrancy will rub off on yourselves once you team up with us.

If you want any help or information with any of the services we provide or just some of them or even all of them as an all in one package to help get you started or help you with where you are at now we can arrange a free consultation and discuss further in detail a way forward for you and your venture. Give us a call or drop us an email and let us know what you would like.


Team ADP Direct Ltd are going to be giving out free articles on things like “How to create your adverts” to “How best to use Twitter for Social Media Marketing” and even advice on “How best to promote my custom design magazines” If you like what you see so far please bookmark us or follow the links and become part of the great team we have here at ADP Direct Ltd.


Learn from the best at ADP Direct Ltd because its the best that are leading the game in every business industry.  Our team can teach you how they are getting there.  To join our EMAIL LIST let us know by sending us a quick email and get plenty of advice in our fortnightly newsletters from laying out the front cover of your magazine, social media marketing, to designing your logo or even promoting your content then just let us know in your email or if you want to give a member of our team a call or want us to give you a call regarding any help you may need then Drop us an email NOW

Thanks for reading and don’t forget your more than welcome to post any comments you may have regarding any information or advice we give out or if you would like to add your own thoughts again please comment!  NO LINKS PLEASE AS THEY WILL BE REMOVED :]

Kind regards.

Justin….(just another member of the team :])




  • Charles

    Great business model guys. I think what you are doing is great. Our team are looking forward to reading your posts. Keep up the good work. Impressed with your new website too. Would be great if you could post any advice and information on our forum for our members. You know they say if you don’t ask you don’t get

    • Justin

      Hi Charles. Thanks for your kind words. We will be posting regular articles from now on between the team and I which I think it’s important we do this and also consistently. Its good to give advice out freely and become a good source online for advice and information. Any questions you need answering for your forum please just ask whatever questions you like and we would be more than happy to answer. Yes your right also if you don’t ask you don’t get ha If you need any help also with anything please let us know

      • Charles

        Thanks guys.

  • Mrs Watson

    Another good read. I have just read your article on custom design magazines. Very informative and will go away and learn some of the things I’d never even thought about! Thanks you guys. My journey begins!

  • Mrs Watson

    Another good read. I have just read your article on custom design magazines. Very informative and will go away and learn some of the things I’d never even thought about! My journey begins! Thanks you guys as ADP Direct.

  • Mrs Watson

    Another good read. I have just read your article on custom design magazines. Very informative and will go away and learn some of the things I’d never even thought about! My journey begins! Thanks you guys at ADP Direct.

    • admin

      The journey is never ending :] Glad you enjoyed the read. Brian.

  • JJ

    Another great article. I think it’s a great idea what you guys are doing and it’s good to let existing clients and potential new clients know the good news. Big thumbs up again to ADP Direct Ltd.

    • admin

      Thanks JJ for your kind words. Always good to get great feedback. Have a great New Year.

  • Ms R

    The busienss’s who are using the services you offer are leading the rest of the pack behind. Iv noticed in many industries this is true. They are either employing people like yourselves or they are implementing everything themselves and the larger companies have whole teams designated to marketing. Gone are the days where they have a small budget on marketing and a large one on sales. Marketing budgets are now a huge slice of these companies budgets and I think until the rest of us recognise this and do something about it then we are all going to be left behind. Thanks Team ADP Direct Ltd for your post and look forward to many more.

    • admin

      Thanks Ms R. Marketing is key now to the success of any industry and your right about companies budgets being a lot bigger than what they used to be. Thanks for your feedback as it helps us as well as giving other people extra advice as well as other points of view. Look forward also to more comments from yourself. If you need any help or advice with anything please get in touch. All the best for the New Year. Brian.

  • Davey

    Would be great to work with you guys one day. You certainly seem to know your stuff. Keep up the good work and love the 2 articles you’ve posted already. Team ADP Direct Ltd certainly Ms R.

    • admin

      Feel free to get in touch whenever you like :] We are always open for discussion. Glad you like the articles too. Brian.

  • James White

    Great business model guys. Will definitely be following your posts.

    • admin

      Thanks James for your reply. Have a great New Year. Justin.

  • Andrew Davies

    Love the new website. Thanks for all the work you guys have done for us already. Great post and keeping us well informed of the new services you are offering. Keep up the good work.

    • admin

      Cheers Andrew. Your welcome. Glad you liked the new website too. We like to keep people informed of what we do and now with all the services we are offering we have a lot of work to do now to let more people know. We need people like yourself to spread the word too :] Thanks again Andrew and all the team here at ADP Direct Ltd said have a great NEW Year. Justin.

  • Mr C

    It’s great that there are companies out there like yourselves and that you can write the posts you have done. It can help self publishers and authors who want to go it alone get all the advice and information they need before they enter the new digital marketing age.

    • admin

      Part of becoming established for any business is also being able to give out lots of free advice and information and making your company approachable :] Thanks Mr C. Justin.

  • Mark Armstrong

    I agree with Mr C. Great article for any self publishers who need any help or advice with their project. Good to tell people who you are and what you are about. It makes people actually want to use your services and shows that you are not a faceless corporation or anything like that. I will certainly be letting people know about ADP Direct Ltd. Keep up the good work and keep posting more great articles.

    • admin

      Mark your comment is much appreciated and well said. Hope you have a great New Year from all the team at ADP Direct.

  • David

    Great post guys. It’s good to tell people who you are as Mark mentions in the last reply and not being a faceless corporation. It’s all about being part of the community you are trying to create. Happy New Year to you all at ADP Direct and look forward to more posts.

    • admin

      Thanks David. Its important that we do not become a faceless corporation :] We like to build friendships and relationships and to do that we feel we have to be part of the community we are trying to create. Look forward to more comments from yourself and all at ADP Direct Ltd wish you a great New Year. Justin.

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