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ADP Direct Ltd - How to prepare your custom design magazine

ADP Direct Ltd – How to prepare your custom design magazine

ADP Direct Ltd – How to prepare your custom design magazine

ADP Direct Ltd asks the question How to Prepare Your Custom Design Magazine 

Here at ADP Direct Ltd we specialise in a variety of custom design magazines and diaries also ranging from crime prevention publications to corporate brochures.  We have contracts in place with some of the leading federations in the UK for various publications and have built up a client base the length and breadth of the country generating in some fantastic working relationships and friendships which we hope will continue for many years to come.

Once a client approaches us the first obvious question ADP Direct Ltd will ask is what industry they are working in and also what their target market is?  If they are not sure what their target market is then we can help them with that to.  Many of our clients just want a magazine producing for their federations or corporations to give out to the thousands of members they have or staff across the country and the rest of the world to keep them informed of what is going on within their federation or company business.

Some clients give their magazines out freely if its in hard copy format and some give them out at cost probably depending on how many magazines they have had produced and how much work has gone into making the magazine.  So before you decide on what magazine you want producing have a think of who your target market is if you are selling your magazine or whether you will be giving it out freely to your members or staff or whoever as this will help you with your costings when looking at your budget when having your magazine or brochure produced.

ADP Direct Ltd can help you with this and have many years experience between the team which can help you in your decision making regarding a number of questions that need answering before your project gets going.


  • Make sure you have a time management strategy in place before you start.
  • Having a look at when you want your magazine distributing.  Starting at this point we would work backwards and set yourself your time management schedule.  Thorough planning before you start your project allows your energy to be focused on creative thinking when you start out and reduces stress later on in your venture.
  • Keep to your schedule or at least approximately.  We can all have little unforeseen things stopping us in our tracks but its also a good idea to plan this in your schedule and add a little extra time for this when making your plans.
  • Decide the criteria for quality content.
  • Remember base your content on your readers needs and NOT YOURS!

By creating your time management plan you are setting yourself deadlines.  Your deadlines should include want each editorial to be written as well as others to proofread your articles as well as getting opinions from others.  A design schedule for your front cover and layout of your magazine should be included also as well as your printing date.

Planning your content too is a good place to start after when you want your magazine distribution.  Will you be the sole author of your magazine?  Will some of your editorial be interview based?  Give yourself time to plan for the  interview and have all the questions wrote down beforehand.  Will you be having any info graphics created?  A good info graphic can save you many pages of writing on one particular subject which can be used for other articles or even advertising.  A good info graphic can make your inside more appealing. They are a great way to get your information across and can be lots of fun too when designing them.

Once you have everything in place and have the completed magazine in hand make sure you have it proofread a number of times by yourself and your team so again plan this in your time management schedule.

At ADP Direct Ltd we always ask a number of questions when starting a project with our clients or if they just want some advice…

Will you be designing your own front cover or do you require a specialist graphic designer to design it and/or a photographer?  Do you need help towards generating revenue from your publication by way of companies advertising in your magazine?  ADP Direct Ltd can help you with this also.  Have you researched your content?  Does your content need promoting?  Do you want your magazine just an online magazine or do you want it in hardcopy?  Do you need an ebook creating? Have you set up social media sites to help promote your magazine if it is being sold to the public?  Do you know how to promote online?  Are you a blogger?  Do you know how to blog for conversion?  Do you have a website?  Is your website optimised for conversions?  Does your magazine need printing?  Do you want a glossy front cover?  Have you laid out your template?  Do you know how many pages you need if its being printed?  Is it a full colour mag or just a full cover front design?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself and if you answer no or dont know to any of them then get yourself some professional advice.  There is lots of help to suit whatever your budget is.  If you like you can drop us an email today or give one of the team at ADP Direct Ltd a call if you need any answers to some of the questions I’ve posed in this article.  More importantly, generic cialis enjoy what your doing and learn from the journey your on always.


Brian (just another member).


I NEED HELP DESIGNING MY MAGAZINE or JUST ASK FOR SOME FREE ADVICE either way we are here to help.  If you want to know more about us and want to look at some of the other services we provide then TAKE A LOOK AT  WHO WE ARE and read about some of the great services that our team provide.


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  • Chris Jones

    Wow. You certainly know your stuff. It’s great to have a little insight into what actually goes into custom design magazine promotion, rather than just knowing how to design your front cover, layout and editorial research. It’s good that you are not only helping your clients to produce their magazines and print them but you are able to promote their projects too if needs be. Fantastic idea and hopefully we can do some work together one day.

    • Brian

      Hi Chris. Glad you liked the article. Please look out for our articles the team and I will be writing as we will be taking it in turns sort of thing to blog! Thanks once again and feel free to get in touch anytime you like.

  • Don

    Hi all.
    Great article. Loved the read. Look forward to any other information you can possibly help us with. I’m a self publisher myself and do struggle with the marketing side of things. I’m great at content creation but not sure on content promotion. I need to learn how to do it properly as opposed to just banging my editorials out there. I think I need to learn better titles when I’m generating traffic to my blog. That’s just one part I need to look at. There are so many industries and inventors out there offering great services, products and inventions but without the knowledge of the right marketing skills if your going it alone or haven’t got the right team behind you then things can become difficult if you want to promote and even sell what it is your offering. I think it would be a good idea for more self publishers to try and learn about the marketing side of things a lot more especially because of the digital era we are in where almost everything and anything is being promoted online. I will be back for more of your blog articles and look forward to future reads.

  • Brian

    Thanks Don. Appreciate your comments. If you need any help or advice please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Look forward to future comments from yourself too. All the best.

  • Charles

    Excellent read. A good source for advice especially for anyone who wants to become a self publisher. Really liked the article.

    • Brian

      Thanks Charles. Glad you liked the article. If you need any advice or any help with anything please let us know.


    Interesting read and look forward to future comments. I always find it insightful but I also find that the old cliche “every day is a school day” springs to mind when reading such articles.

    • Brian

      Thanks RWVAL. Glad you found it insightful. if you need to know anything else please get in touch.

  • Jane Owen

    Absolutely fantastic post. Yes it does give you more of an insight of the inner workings of whats behind the scenes with publishing and especially the marketing side of things. Glad I found you guys.

    • Brian

      Thanks Jane. Yes a lot goes into the marketing side of things and I’ve only scraped the surface with this article. We will be posting more helpful and insightful information so please keep up to date with team ADP Direct Ltd. :]

  • MR D

    I agree with Jane. I’ve never really thought about the marketing side of things and just presumed it all come hand in hand with the publishing but clearly it’s not always like that with self publishing or z creating your custom designed magazines. Depending on whether you will be promoting and/or selling your magazine is whether you need it marketing or not. Or even if you arnt selling it and just want it promoting it still needs marketing the right way. And marketing it the right way is the key as well as website traffic generation is key if you have a a website as well as having the right website designed! Now I can clearly see the bigger picture! Thanks ADP Direct Ltd. I look forward to reading more insightful information.

    • Brian

      Thanks Mr D. Glad you can see the bigger picture. The marketing side of any business can send you on an unforgettable journey! Its always good to keep up to date with whats going on and stuff. Thanks for your comments.

  • Mrs Watson

    I think your article is brilliant and very informative. You have clearly touched base with the whole process of custom design magazine publishing as well as the marketing side of things which most of us who do not know much about that side of things can go away and learn more about the questions you posed. Also, time management is an absolute must in my opinion especially when working to deadlines. Thanks Brian for the article and looks like you have a great knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Becoming a trusted source online for advice and information is great for any business. Look forward to reading more.

    • Brian

      Thank you for your kind words. Feel free to comment on any of our posts. We love feedback. If you need any help with anything please let the team at ADP Direct Ltd know.

  • JJ

    Great piece of advice for anyone who wants to start their own magazine. I certainly didn’t realise there was so much to it. I certainly do know now. Very informative and a good read for anyone who is thinking of starting their own custom design magazine. Thanks ADP Direct for passing on your knowledge. Big thumbs up.

  • Ms R

    Good to learn new things each day. I think this would take a while to learn but once you do, it can mean the difference in succeeding in promoting your magazines. Preparation and time management is key I agree with a good marketing plan. There is so much to marketing but if you know how to do it then you can save yourself a lot of money in the process especially if you have a really tight budget. Keeping your articles in your magazine interesting with some good content promotion and using great website traffic generation methods through social media can bring your project a lot of attention which is what we all want especially if you are selling your magazine. Great post and you have posed some really good questions for those that want to create and possibly promote their own magazines. Cheers Team ADP Direct Ltd. look forward to the next post.

    • Brian

      Thanks for your comment. Yes it’s important to keep your articles insterestimg and important how to promote the content. Glad you liked the post. Please feel free to comment on any of our posts. We really do love feedback and getting other people’s opinions and thoughts. All the best.

  • Mr C

    Fantastic article. Keep the posts coming in.

    • admin

      Thanks Mr C. The team will certainly keep the posts coming in. Happy New Year.

  • Deano

    Content promotion is key. Great set of questions for any would be self publisher.

    • admin

      Content promotion is really key to the success for any self publisher. Look forward to more comments from yourself.

  • CDesign

    Very informative and well wrote. It’s good to have an insight into exactly what is required when preparing a custom design magazine. I am basically a graphic designer but lack the knowledge and no how on everything else but I will certainly be looking into other areas from now on. Thanks ADP Direct Ltd for opening my eyes more!!

    • admin

      Thanks CDesign for your kind words. Have a great New Year.

  • David

    Researching content can take up quite a while so it is so important to implement your time strategy plan as this can be quite time consuming. Having some great pictures and info graphics along with fantastic editorials you can’t go wrong as long as everything is promoted the right way. Great post and look forward to more from yourselves.

    • admin

      Thanks David for your comment. Its always good to get great feedback. Much appreciated. Have a great New Year from all the team at ADP Direct Ltd.

  • Mark Armstrong

    Researching your content can be quite time consuming but thoroughly enjoyable at the same time. Putting your stamp on the content is key and making sure it doesn’t sound boring or going off subject. Having great headers when promoting your content is key also can help with more click through rates if promoting your magazine and content on social media. I agree this is a fantastic article for any new and existing self publishers. Team ADP Direct Ltd .. Well done for pointing a lot of us in the right direction with the questions you have asked as most of us actually don’t know what questions to ask or what work actually needs to be done when producing your magazine. Look forward to many more posts. I will definitely be pointing people to this post for advice and information.

    • admin

      Thanks Mark. Its great when we can get feedback like this as its good for our team but more importantly its good for our readers to get other points of view and extra advice to point them in the right direction. Keep the comments coming in and if you need any help or advice yourself with anything please let us know. Have a great New Year from all the team. Brian.

  • Carl Jones

    I agree with Mark. Putting your stamp on your content is key and having great headers to go with your content is paramount especially if you are promoting your content through social media to get more Click Through Rates. I think your article has pretty much covered everything for any self publisher or would be self publisher. Great post and easy to understand.

    • Brian

      Having a great header for Click Through Rates is so important. Thank you for your kind words. All the best for the New Year from all the team at at ADP Direct Ltd.

  • Carl Jones

    Also..totally agree when mentioning about making sure the content is for your readers needs and not yours! We all have different tastes so what necessary might suit the authors needs might not be of everyone’s taste so I think that’s a good point to remember for anyone who wants to design their own magazine. I think some good research and possibly even some market research and even trying out some surveys could be handy when looking for some quality content to add to your magazine and then you can see what the majority of us will like. Just a thought!

    • Brian

      Thanks Carl for your feedback. Great comment. Look out for our next posts :]

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